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Root Rot – Take All Root Rot

Florida grasses are prone to root rot 

Take-all Root Rot is a disease that can quickly and easily destroy your beautiful Tampa Bay lawn, right before your eyes. Take all root rot is common in the hot, humid, over-wet Florida climate. It is also common in Texas and California. During periods of high rainfall, root rot is at its peak. Ultimately, root rot causes the root of the grass to rot and therefore, it is no longer able to efficiently obtain water or nutrients from the soil. The water and nutrients are not stored, and therefore, photosynthesis is not possible.

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Root rot does not attack the leaves or grasses, only the root systems. The beginning stages of root rot are simple showings of yellow or light green patches in your lawn. These beginning patches can range from a few inches in diameter to a few feet. The patches are irregular and often scattered. As the disease progresses, the roots become short, black and rotted. If not controlled, entire sections of lawn can be compromised, resulting in bare patches. Because it is a disease affecting the root system, it is often difficult to notice until it progresses. By the time symptoms appear on the surface, on the leaves, the roots have been damaged.

Root rot can sometimes appear to be another problem, like chinch bugs. Florida homeowners need to always be on the lookout for take-all root rot. especially in the summer months with daily rain and soil that is always wet. Root rot fungus naturally occurs on grass roots all year-round, but becomes a problem with prolonged periods of rain or when a lawn is stressed due to improper care. Other common lawn diseases include:

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