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Stopping a small bug that can do big damage to Tampa Bay area landscapes

Thrips are a parasitic insect that uses its strong jaws to feed on both plants and other animals. Their distinctive because they have asymmetrical mouths where one part of the jaw is longer than the other. These teeth are used to do damage to your plants. The Keepers of the Green have nine teams of trained professionals that provide prompt responses to the first sign of a thrips problem. We make it to your Tampa Bay area home within 48 hours of a sign of damage.

Recognizing a major problem

Thrips are well known by farmers for the damage they can cause. They can devastate an entire crop of plants if left unchallenged. They replicate quickly, so immediate action is your best defense against a costly problem. Our Tampa pesticide experts develop custom blends for your yard to prevent thrips from having a chance at taking over your yard. Identifying thrips can be challenging because their external appearance can vary widely based on the species. The best way to identify them is based on the damage they cause to your home. Signs of thrips include:

  • Eggs in your fruits or garden plants
  • Blackening of your plants
  • Holes in leaves
  • Discoloration surrounded by white haloes
  • Deformities in your plants
  • Wilt virus

Confronting the problems of thrips

Thrips are a serious problem. They do more than just harm your external plants. They are also known to make their way into your home. Once inside, they do more than just feast on your plants, they are also known to bite humans and pets. Because they can reproduce asexually, in only takes one to make begin an infestation in your home. Trust the Keepers of the Green to protect your Tampa home from being invaded by thrips and other harmful insects.

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At Keepers of the Green in Tampa, our pest control experts have been perfecting homeowners’ landscapes for more than 25 years. We are here to get rid of your thrips problem. Call us at 813-884-4255 or contact us online for a free detailed assessment of your home. We serve the entire Tampa Bay area, including Westchase, Odessa and Land O’Lakes.

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