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Oleander Caterpillars

Keeping the bad butterflies out of your Tampa garden

Oleander caterpillars are appropriately named so because they prey on oleander shrubs. The damage they might cause ranges from minor aesthetic damage up to extreme damage to the plants they feed on. These are a bright orange caterpillar with long black hairs along their backs.  

Keepers of the Green uses strategic insecticide treatments to keep the oleander caterpillars away while not harming the butterflies you want in your yard.

The problems oleander caterpillars cause

Oleander caterpillars cause damage that is easily noticeable. The larvae are veracious eaters of oleander leaves as they try to consume enough nutrients to enter into the cocoon stage. They leave a particular pattern on the shoots that they eat. Oleander caterpillars only eat the meaty part of the leaves; they leave the veins and stems untouched. The leaves are then left with a brown discoloration and skeleton appearance. If left unmanaged by our experienced Tampa pest management professionals, oleander caterpillars will quickly leave your oleander plants with significant damage. We identify the presence of these insects while they’re still in the egg stage and quickly kill them off before they can cause harm to your landscaping.

Options for controlling oleander caterpillar infestations

There are many different options for managing an oleander caterpillar infestation. The options you to consider depend on the density of the population, how many oleander plants you have in your yard and the extent of damage they have already done. Some of the pest control options our experienced Tampa pest control experts will discuss with you include:

  • Chemical control is a great option if the pests are doing significant damage to your plants
  • Simply removing their eggs is an option we explore when the oleander caterpillars are discovered before they do any damage
  • Red imported fire ants
  • Predatory stink bugs
  • Spined soldier bugs

Call the Keepers of the Green in Tampa to control your oleander caterpillar problem before they ruin your curb appeal

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