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Keepers of the Green, Inc. offers full-service lawn care for homes and businesses. Our professional services include comprehensive lawn care, including disease control, lawn fertilization, lawn pesticide application, weed control and outside pest management. In addition, if your lawn and landscape is overrun by ants, mole crickets or other pesky critters like ticks, our team has the solution. For more than 25 years, homeowners have trusted Keepers of the Green to keep their lawns green, healthy and pest free. We only use safe, state-of-the-art products, to ensure your family, children and pets are safe. We provide fast, friendly service and have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Tampa Bay area and in Odessa.

We make Odessa lawns beautiful, healthy and pest-free all year!

Keepers of the Green, Inc. offers a variety of lawn care services so homeowners fall in love with their lawns and landscape. We work hard so you don’t have to! Our lawn care professionals do a comprehensive lawn analysis so we know exactly what problem areas you have and what our customized solution will be for your specific lawn and landscape problems. A vital part of maintaining your landscape investment is in fertilization and weed control. Our goal is making certain your Odessa lawn is lush and beautiful. Keepers of the Green will assess your lawn,landscape and tree health throughout the year. It is important in Florida to begin early in the season to give you a strong foundation throughout the year.

We offer lawn care services that are safe for your families and pets. Our environmentally- friendly formulas are applied to help eliminate weeds from spreading. Treatment will continue throughout the year to keep your lawn healthy and weed free. We consider the type of grass, soil, irrigation and drainage, sunlight or shade, and other factors as we determine how to best care for your lawn. Our lawn fertilization experts know what fertilizer to use based on our expert diagnosis.

Complete solutions for all your lawn and landscape needs

If you have noticed brown patches or other signs or damage, our fertilization professionals will identify and eliminate the problem. Keepers of the Green, Inc. gives each client personalized attention with award-winning service. At Keepers of the Green, our experts know Florida soil and which fertilizer is best for your type of lawn. Fertilization applications will include both granular and liquids formulations composed of all the necessary macro and micronutrients needed to maintain a healthy turf.

Our team understands the financial investment and effort you have made in your lawn and landscaping design. Homeowners associations often have strict requirements which homeowners must follow, maintaining green, healthy lawns and lush landscaping all year. Insects can wreak havoc to lawns, trees and landscape. Our professional technicians carefully determine the best method of treatment to control any lawn disturbances and keep your lawn and landscape healthy, thriving and enjoyable year around. We provide outdoor pest control against lawn damaging insects such as:

When you consult with our expert team, healthy trees and shrubs are a reality, so contact us today for a free lawn analysis.

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Do you love the idea of your lawn having great curb appeal? We love healthy, weed-free lawns! Our staff are experts at selecting herbicides, weed prevention, fertilizers and everything in between to keep your lawn, trees and landscape beautiful. We provide exceptional service and offer affordable options in Odessa and surrounding areas. Call us now for your free quote today at 813-245-3432 or via email.


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