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Fire ants are vicious and territorial. Most Floridians have had the misfortune of stepping into an ant mound and getting attacked by an angry swarm of them at least once. There are both native and non-native fire ants that our experienced pest control teams are experienced at eradicating. At Keepers of the Green, we are able to make it out to your Tampa home within 48 hours of you spotting an ant issue, fire ants or otherwise.

Ants are commonly found in all lawns, especially in Florida. Small ants nest in thinning areas of your lawn, making small mounds 3-4 inches in diameter. Contrary to popular belief, ants pose no threat to the health and vitality of your lawn. They do not feed on grass or lawn material. Field ants, on the other hand, nest in high-growth areas of your lawn, building raised mounds that can extend over a foot wide. Such large mounds can harm grass and interfere with basic lawn mowing.

The difference our professionals make

Ants are a nuisance. Ants from your lawn can quickly and easily invade your home or business, coming in from the outside, or nesting in lawns, ornamental plant beds or in trees. And, ants are smart, changing their foraging skills are their environment dictates, as a Stanford research study shows.

Fire ants are even more problematic. Fire ants nest in large, sandy mounds which extend deep into the Florida soil. It is not uncommon for your lawn to have 6 or more fire ant mounds, or nests, at one time. Disturbing the fire ant mound causes the ants to immediately swarm to defend the nest. A fire ant sting mean pain, itching and can cause an allergic reaction. Children and pets can become severely bitten very quickly by upsetting a fire ant mound. It is recommended to eliminate fire ant mounds as soon as possible.

Fighting fire ants on your own is more challenging than just killing them one mound at a time. Spot treatments like that only get the ants to move to another location nearby. At Keepers of the Green, our ant elimination solutions are more permanent. Special baits and insecticides are the only effective means of keeping fire ants off your property. We treat your entire property with time released solutions which protect you from having to endure the misery of fire ant bites.

Red imported fire ants

The red imported fire ant is an invasive species that has thrived in Florida’s sandy soil and warm climate. It is more aggressive than the red ants that are native to the area. Once a threat is perceived near their colony, they attack relentlessly. The problem is further exacerbated by the nature of the red imported fire ant colonies—they form multiple queen colonies which create many more ants than a normal ant colony. The differences in a red imported fire ant colony with multiple queens are:

  • Mounds are closely grouped together
  • There are more mounds per acre
  • The queens lay fewer eggs individually, but more eggs as a group
  • Colonies attack individual threats together

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Ants of any kind are a nuisance if not a hazard to your family and pets. At Keepers of the Green, we kill the ants on your property and take preventative measures to keep the ants from coming back. We also offer comprehensive outdoor pest control programs to help keep your lawn pest-free. For a free detailed assessment of your Tampa Bay area home, call us at 813-884-4255 or contact us online.

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