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Spider Mites and Your Florida Landscape


Tampa lawn care specialists protect your plants from these damaging pests

There are hundreds of types of insects in your yard right now. Most of them are harmless, and a few are even good for yard, such as the worms that chew through organic litter and turn it into rich compost. But there are many damaging pests also. One of the most common is the spider mite, which can wreak havoc on your plants, ranging from your flowering bushes to your garden produce to your border plants.

Spider mites can be hard to spot and even harder to eradicate. The Tampa lawn care specialists at Keepers of the Green can root out your spider mite problem so that your plants can continue to thrive, creating a beautiful landscape for your home.

Identifying spider mites and the damage they cause

Spider mites are tiny. Most of the time, they don’t get bigger than ½ mm. The babies and the nymphs are even smaller. You might not know that a plant had spider mites unless it was covered in an infestation. Most of the time, the mites show up as small spots against the leaf or the stalk, and you have to look very closely to see that you’re not just looking at dirt or natural discoloration in the leaf. Sometimes, the mites give away their presence with their tiny webs, which look like wisps of cotton.

What you are more likely to notice before you spot the mites is the damage that the mites cause. You may see discolored, curling, or falling leaves, and the plant may just look sickly overall. Or you may have noticed a sudden reduction in growth in a plant that had been doing really well. These are signs that you might have a problem, and you need to schedule an inspection with one of our lawn care specialists.

Protecting your landscape from spider mites

Our experienced lawn specialists have tried-and-true methods for eradicating spider mites from your lawn. You may read about DIY methods for getting rid of the pests, such as keeping your plants well-watered or coating them with soaps and oils, but these methods are risky for the average homeowner. You may end up overwatering your plants and damaging them, or even spreading the mites to other plants. You could also end up damaging your plants by applying the wrong soaps and oils or doing so under the wrong conditions.

Our lawn experts will carefully asses your landscape to determine the extent of your spider mite infestation and what solutions will best remove them while maintaining the optimal health of surrounding plants and lawn. Our goal is to remove the pests without causing additional harm, including ensuring that the mites do not spread to nearby plants.

Call our Tampa Bay area spider mite experts now to eliminate these troublesome pests 

Spider mites may be tiny, but they are fearsome in their ability to wreak havoc on your landscape. If you suspect that you might have a spider mite problem, or even if you just notice that your plants are not looking their best and you don’t know why, call Keepers of the Green at (813) 884-4255 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our Tampa lawn care specialists. We’ll offer solutions that will help protect your plants and allow your landscape to thrive.

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