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Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Care in Tampa

At Keepers of the Green, our job is to take the stress out of lawn care and landscape care. Our service takes the time and expense out of landscaping by making customized plans for healthy, lush trees and shrubs for each home or business owner. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing world-class service and customized solutions to the Tampa Bay area. There are many questions you might have about our services—we are happy to answer them all. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked.

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Our business success has been built upon a foundation of clearly communicating with our customers. You get a detailed assessment of your entire property with our initial consultation and then we routinely reassess your property throughout the year. Call the Keepers of the Green at 813-884-4255 or contact us online to set up an appointment with Tampa’s best lawn care company.

Can I buy the same products and just treat my yard myself?

Some of the products we use are available for regular consumers. However, most of the products we use are for “professional use only.” These products help us take on the more challenging threats to your yard.

Is it worth getting a lawn care service to maintain the ongoing health and beauty of my lawn and landscape?

Absolutely! We encourage you to think about what you are protecting when you make an investment. Replacing sod or mature plants, trees or palm trees can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. Our services minimize the risk you are exposed to while maximizing the curb appeal of your home.

Will my pets or children be harmed?

Your customized lawn treatment plan is not going to endanger your pets or children. Every product has been tested and approved by the Environment Protection Agency. We do not put anything into your lawn that we would not want our own pets and families exposed to.

Is lawn fertilization important?

Tampa has a particularly inhospitable climate for growing a luscious lawn. Our job is to put your lawn in its best possible position to succeed by providing it with key nutrients and protecting it from predators that prey on grass.

What if I have a lawn care emergency – like cinch bugs or mole cricket infestations?

At Keepers of the Green, we have 9 teams of trucks throughout the Tampa area. We can be at your home within 48 hours of any urgent lawn care need you might have.

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