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Residential Lawn Care in Tampa Bay

We make your home look its best with a lush, green lawn and healthy landscape

A gorgeous, green lawn can increase the curb appeal of your home, which will also increase its value. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home, the increased value can give you more leverage with your equity. Keepers of the Green is Tampa Bay’s best lawn care company since 1997. We improve the value of your home and your enjoyment of it by caring for your lawn, landscape, shrubs and palm trees, making it beautiful, healthy oasis for you to enjoy.

Keepers of the Green has a trusted reputation in the community, thanks to exceptional service and results since 1997. Our experienced lawn care professionals have the expertise to transform your lawn through a combination of services like fertilizing, pest management, and disease control. Call us today to get a free lawn analysis and to get a plan for transforming your lawn.

Lawn fertilization for greener grass

Proper fertilization is key to helping your grass stay healthy and beautiful. Time fertilization improperly or use the wrong fertilizer and you’ll actually damage your lawn, not help it. You shouldn’t handle this job yourself. Our professionals at Keepers of the Green draw on years of experience and training to select the right fertilizer for your grass type and the unique needs of your landscape. We get results quickly.

Whether your grass has bare patches or there are brown or weak areas of your lawn, we can help. We’ll develop a plan that will help your grass rebound immediately and will help it become stronger and healthier over time. The end result will be a lush carpet of grass that will elevate the profile of your home. You will soon be the envy of the neighborhood! Many of our clients are neighbors who have been referred to us by other neighbors, or just loved how the neighbors lawn looked as they drove by every day. We take pride in serving Tampa Bay’s neighborhoods, keeping lawns healthy and green all year round.

Keeping weeds, pests and disease out of your lawn and landscape

Weeds can quickly take over your lawn so you have more of them than grass. They can also invade your flower beds and other landscaped spaces. Pests and disease can destroy your grass and plants, as well. You may not even know what pests or disease are plaguing your property – you just know that you have brown or dead patches. Some of the many pests we eliminate include:

Call the professionals at Keepers of the Green to diagnose the problem and create immediate and ongoing solutions. We’ll implement a plan for weed control so that your grass can spread and thrive. We’ll apply the appropriate pest control measures, and we’ll deal with any diseases that are present. Most importantly, we’ll put measures in place to ensure that pests and disease do not become a future problem. With your landscape protected against these threats, your grass, plants and trees will be able to thrive, creating a gorgeous area around your house.

Dedicated to making your lawn beautiful

Your home is one of your most important investments and the lawn and landscape around your home has a huge influence on the value of that investment, as well as your enjoyment of it. Contact Keepers of the Green at (813) 884-4255 or use our secure, online form to schedule a free consultation for your lawn or landscape.

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