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Effective Weed Control Solutions for Florida Lawns

Weeds are a problem for every homeowner with a yard. Just a single one makes a yard look like it is unmaintained. At Keepers of the Green, we do everything we can to keep Tampa homeowners’ yards looking as pristine as possible. Our preventative treatment plans fight off weeds before they become a problem. We stop your weed problems before they get out of control.

The benefits of our regular treatment plans

The first thing we do with every new client is to perform a detailed assessment of your property. We consider the property’s current state, what plants you have and all of the potential threats to your yard. Your home’s plan will then include a customized blend of treatments to keep your plants thriving and also attacks the weeds which might arise. Weeds and vines are particularly problematic for Tampa homeowners. The most common types of weeds our experts find include:

Broad leaf weed

Grassy weed

Dollar weed

Crab grass

Chik weed


Disease control

Pre-emergent weed control

Invasive plants only get stronger once they are given the chance to sprout. From there, they propagate and before you know it your lawn is full of unwanted blemishes. Our customized treatment blends kill the weeds before they ever break through the surface. A regular pre-emergent weed control gives year-round protection. If you have an issue, one of our teams will be at your home within 48 hours to provide a post-emergent treatment to stop the weeds from becoming more pervasive.

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The Keepers of the Green are Tampa’s best lawn control experts. We are a family owned company that treats every yard as if we were treating our own family’s home. Our fast, friendly, effective services take the stress out of lawn maintenance. Call us at 813-884-4255 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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