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Lawn Grubs an Obvious Destruction to Florida Lawns and Landscapes

We rid your lawn of soil dwelling insects like lawn grubs

White Lawn Grubs or “Lawn Grubs” are small, white insects that when disturbed curl into a distinctive “C” shape.  They are the larvae form of various beetles, including the June Beetle, Japanese Beetle, Chafer Beetle and Green June Beetle that live in the soil of Florida landscapes. Small populations of Lawn Grubs are not problematic; however, high populations of grubs can cause significant destruction and require treatment. At Keepers of the Green in Odessa, our lawn care professionals aggressively attack lawn grubs, mole crickets and any other pest that disturbs your lawn and landscape. Tampa Bay area homeowners and businesses alike have trusted our lawn care experts for more than 25 years and you can too. We keep your lawn beautiful and worry-free!

What are lawn grubs?

Lawn grubs, or grub worms, are the larvae of adult beetles, commonly referred to as May beetles, or June bugs. White grubs are shaped like a “C” and are larvae, up to 1 inch long, with cream-colored bodies and brown head caps. They have three pairs of legs and there are more than 100 species. Their life cycle generally peaks in warmer climates around mid to late June in Florida., but they begin to emerge in the spring. White lawn grubs love Florida’s St. Augustine grasses, and large numbers of grubs can quickly turn a green, beautiful healthy lawn into a yellow, dry, damaged mess that dies. The worst cases of lawns we have seen infected with grubs are ones where we can “roll up” the dead turf like a carpet.

Dealing with lawn grubs is difficult without a professional Tampa Bay lawn care company

In tropical weather, Lawn Grubs thrive in moist soil and warmer temperatures that create the perfect breeding ground.  The Lawn Grubs burrow themselves one to three inches below soil level feeding on grass roots and organic matter causing sections of the lawn to die off. The larvae eventually immerse from the soil again as a beetle, mate and hatch more eggs during their year of life. Lawn Grubs may be the culprits if you notice the following:

  • If you notice brown sections of your lawn that do not regain color back after watering may be an indication of grub feeding.
  • Turf becomes spongy in well-watered lawns.
  • The sponginess indicates the pests have attacked the roots in their feeding frenzy. You may notice in increase of birds, skunks, raccoon and moles.  These animals are predators of Lawn Grubs and once the grubs are gone, the animals will move on as well.

We hold the keys to effective lawn grub control

Most soil-inhabiting insects stay within the top 1-2 inches of soil. However, the soil may be covered with a layer of thatch, which chemicals must pass through in order to be effective. One of the keys to effective lawn grub control is getting the proper amount of chemicals down to the soil layer where the lawn grubs reside, through the heavy thatch. Our Tampa lawn care professionals know how to handle thick thatched-lawns and use state-of-the-art methods to thin the thatch to reach the soil.

Knowing the feeding habits of soil-inhabiting insects is essential to their elimination and to troubleshooting the control of elimination

What do lawn grubs eat? This is a question our Tampa lawn care professionals are often asked, as homeowners cannot believe how quickly their lush lawn can be compromised by these pesky invaders. Grubs wat turf roots, essentially killing your lawn by eating it from the bottom up. Of course, these hungry pests are not just limited to the tasty roots of your grassy lawn, but they eat anything and everything in their path, within their habitat – your lawn. So, along with turf roots goes soil, organic matter and root systems. They also eat weeds, and the root systems of vegetable transplants and ornamental plants. If you were a famer however, you would rely on grub worms to help manage your corn, sorghum or sugarcane, as they are important pests in agriculture. Our Tampa Bay homeowners suffer from the effects of grubs, an unwelcome pest outside of agricultural uses. At Keepers of the Green, our lawn care professionals know the key to effective lawn grub elimination is getting the chemicals through to the soil area where they live, so they can ingest.

Strong roots make a difference

Strong roots are essential for any plant to thrive. A healthy lawn can support a small population of grubs without drawing concern. Determining the extent of your infestation is imperative and can be done by cutting and examining a small piece of the turf. If the grass is easily removed, grubs may have eaten the roots. If you note up to five grubs, no treatment is required.  An amount of six to nine lawn grubs per square foot and a noted increase of animals digging, are indicative that the lawn may be infested with grubs and needs treatment to aid the distressed lawn. With Keepers of the Green on your side, you never have to worry about lawn grubs or any other lawn pest.

We provide expert solutions for your lawn grub problem

Professional lawn treatments are the most efficient and effective means of killing lawn grubs in the larvae stage. There are a host of chemical products which can be applied to the landscape; however, always follow package directions regarding proper clothing, equipment and application procedures before application.

Other methods include simple lawn care practices such as spiking or aerating the lawn.  Studies have shown that simple aeration can cut the grub population literally in half.  Watering prior to the aeration will cause grubs to move higher in soil, closer to the soil and the spikes or blades. Dethatching your lawn is another option if the thatch layer is greater than ¾ of an inch it will expose them for pesticide treatment. Irrigation control is another method.  Infrequent, deep watering of the lawn will encourage thick, deep-rooted turf.  This practice discourages the beetles from the laying eggs. Natural predators, such as ants, wasps, ground beetles and birds offer an effective means of controlling the lawn grubs.

Timing is everything, so if lawn grubs are slowly destroying your beautiful lawn, contact Keepers of the Green now, before it’s too late

The timing for the application is crucial to prevent grubs from hatching in the current season.  Our lawn care program includes the right treatment at the right time.  We are not simply selling treatments; instead we are bringing you a service to keep your lawn pristine all year long.  We have a variety of different techniques to use based on your individual needs.  Call us now for your quote today at 813-245-3432 or contact us online.

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