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Preventing unsightly and dangerous black sooty mold from spreading throughout your yard

Black sooty mold is a term used to refer to a class of fungi that have similar characteristics and impacts on your plants. It grows on both plants and inanimate objects like fences. Black sooty molds particularly thrive on citrus trees. Fortunately, the problem is mostly aesthetic for gardens in Florida. However, the mold covers plants and makes them appear to be dying and rotten. At Keepers of the Green, we protect Tampa Bay area lawns and landscapes from the unsightly black sooty molds which quickly take over a yard.

How does the black sooty mold grow?

Although the mold is not particularly harmful to the plants on their own, the unsightly mold is often a sign of a much larger problem. Black sooty molds grow symbiotically in the byproducts of certain species of insects. Our teams of professionals look for signs of black sooty mold because it tells us that there are other parasitic insects causing damage to your plants. The more insect byproduct the mold has to feed on, the more you have a problem with the pest control system you are currently using.

Sooty mold is an indicator that you have other parasites, specifically soft scales or other piercing-sucking insects. The black sooty mold itself does not physically damage the plants, but may reduce photosynthesis if leaves are completely covered and coated with a thick residue of black sooty mold. Sooty mold can be unreasonably difficult to wash off, even though it may look like dust.

Effectively treating black sooty mold

Keeping black sooty mold away from your landscaping has multiple layers. Fungicides are really only a means to stopping a symptom of the larger problem. In addition to killing the mold, we create a plan to eradicate the parasitic insects which enable the black sooty mold to thrive. Our detailed plans specifically attack the insects which cause harm while preventing harm to those which are beneficial to your yard’s ecosystem. The plants which black sooty molds are most attracted to include:

Any type of citrus plant



Hibiscus trees

Ornamental flowers

Schedule a detailed assessment with our Tampa black sooty mold experts

Black sooty mold is often a symptom of a much larger problem. Call our Tampa lawn care experts today at the Keepers of the Green to stop your black sooty mold problem before it becomes more costly. Call us at 813-884-4255 or contact us online to schedule a detailed assessment of your property.


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