Brown Patch Can Quickly Kill Your Lawn if Left Untreated

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Brown Patch

Brown patches in your lawn mean disease, not lack of water

Brown patch is a lawn disease that is most commonly found throughout the United States from November to May, however, in Florida, it is also very prevalent in summertime, with excessive rainfall and intense heat for long periods of time. In fact, brown patch is triggered by excess water and high humidity, when lawns are saturated for extended periods of time. At Keepers of the Green, our lawn care experts make having a great yard look simple for Tampa Bay home owners. For more than 20 years, we have been Tampa Bay’s best lawn care company.

Brown patch is a fungus that can kill your entire lawn quickly if left untreated

Brown patch is a fungus and can attack almost any kind of turf. Brown patch is especially fond of St. Augustine grass and Bermuda grass, which are common in Florida. First you will notice small brown or gray patches in your lawn, irregular-shaped, perhaps a few inches in diameter. Gradually, the patches become larger and more well-defined and can extend several feet in diameter. These spots can spread quickly and before you know it, your lawn is covered in brown patches. Ultimately, the fungus attacks the roots and the grass dies, potentially killing large parts of your lawn.

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