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Commercial Lawn Care in Tampa Bay Since 1997

Keepers of the Green are experienced commercial and residential lawn care professionals. We help you make the right impression by keeping the landscape around your business or property lush and beautiful. We keep the area pest and disease free, as well as fertilize and care for your lawn and plants so that they are green and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

Landscape pest and disease management

You may be watering and caring for your landscape appropriately, but your plants may be dying and your grass may be browning, and you just don’t know why. A pest infestation or spreading disease may be to blame, but you wouldn’t know it because the signs might not be obvious to you. The professionals at Keepers of the Green diagnose any pest issues or disease in their earliest stages and develop a plan for eradicating and preventing them so that your property’s green areas stay healthy and beautiful all year round.

Our experts have years of experience and specialized training to identify the types of pests and disease that can plague Florida lawns and plants, and select the right tools and strategies to get results quickly and without causing further harm to your landscape or to the local ecosystem. If your landscape is currently disease- and pest-free, our team will develop a protective plan to ensure that your grass and plants remain green and healthy, helping you to save money and time,

Shrub and palm tree care

Our experienced professionals ensure the palm trees on your property remain healthy and beautiful. Palm trees, which are popular throughout the Tampa Bay area, are especially vulnerable to all types of pests and disease. We’ll develop a plan to ensure they  get the nutrients they need and are protected against the common pests and disease that pose a threat. We’ll make sure that every plant and tree on your property looks great and is strong and healthy.

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