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Management and Prevention of Florida Palm Tree Diseases  

Tampa lawn care specialists provide effective solutions for keeping your palm trees healthy

The palm tree is iconic in the state of Florida. In fact, the Sabal Palm is actually the state’s tree. Without palm trees, Florida just wouldn’t feel the same. Your own home likely just wouldn’t feel the same without the palm trees in the yard. Yet, there are deadly diseases that are threatening the future of palm trees across the region. Without proper precaution, you could lose those palm trees that you love so dearly and that add so much character to your property.

The Tampa lawn care specialists at Keepers of the Green have the knowledge and solutions to protect your palm trees from debilitating and deadly diseases. We can implement strategies that can keep your trees from getting sick or, in some cases, help them recover after becoming infected.

What diseases threaten palm trees in the Tampa Bay Area?

There are numerous infections and diseases that threaten the health of palm trees in Tampa and the surrounding area. Most recently, a disease known as “lethal bronzing” has been killing palm trees around the state. The disease is caused by a bacteria carried by a common treehopper bug. Once the bacteria gets into the tree’s vascular system and blocks the flow of water and nutrients to the tree. Within a few months, the tree turns brown and drops all its leaves. Other palm tree diseases common to the area include:

Our tree experts will examine your tree and diagnose the problem to determine if there is a disease present and what disease it is. Then, they will be able to determine the most effective solution for saving the tree.

Methods for treating palm tree disease

The proper solution for the health of your palm trees depends on what is ailing them. In some cases, prevention is the best solution. For example, if a tree has already been infected with lethal bronzing, there’s nothing that anyone can do. The best option would be to completely remove the tree to try to protect other trees from becoming infected. To protect trees from lethal bronzing, the best overall option is preventive, which involves giving the tree a shot of antibiotics once every three months.

Topical and injectable solutions are available for other palm tree diseases, and making proactive changes to the landscape can have a big impact. For example, you may be able to plant other trees to protect certain species from disease, or you may be able to improve drainage around the tree to keep away excess moisture. Our lawn care specialists will review all the options with you to help you understand how to keep your palm and other trees as healthy as they can be for as long as possible.

Get professional help for your palm trees from Tampa Bay’s lawn care specialists at Keepers of the Green

Keepers of the Green is a family owned business committed to helping you get the healthiest and most vibrant lawn, now and into the future. Our Tampa lawn care professionals can diagnose and care for your trees to prevent infection or to treat active infections. Call us today at (813) 884-4255 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the options for your trees.

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