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Scale Insects

Controlling the pests that prey on Tampa trees and ornamentals

There are more than 1,000 species of scale insects that thrive on plants throughout the country. They are small and oddly shaped. Detecting them is challenging, even for professionals like ours with more than 25 years in the industry. At Keepers of the Green, we provide advanced protection from these parasitic insects for home owners throughout the Tampa Bay area.

The importance of early detection

Scale insects are immobile bugs that grow in colonies. They build up over time in these groups and often go unnoticed as they begin to infest your plants. The initial damage they do show begins with poor growth of plants and yellowing of the leaves. This damage quickly escalates and may lead to the death of your plant. Our regular assessments of your property prevents scale bugs from killing the landscaping you have invested your time and money into. You get a detailed plan to control the problem as soon as we detect their presence.

How we control scale bugs

Getting rid of scale bugs once they have colonized on your plants is a challenge. There are two main types of scale bugs: hard and soft scale bugs. They all have a waxy substance that covers their bodies. This coating makes them less susceptible to many types of contact insecticides. The techniques used to control a scale bug infestation is largely the same for both types of these pests. Our trained teams of professionals take extensive steps to eradicate these bugs from your home. The steps we take to prevent scale bugs from killing your landscaping includes:

  • Pruning the leaves and branches where they are visible
  • Physically removing smaller colonies from vital parts of the plants
  • Using natural predators to kill scale bug colonies
  • Developing strategic blends of pesticides that kill the bugs you do not want and maintains the bugs that are beneficial for your landscaping

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