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When you choose Keepers of the Green, LLC. you’re choosing a company with more than 25 years providing exceptional customer service and customer care to ensure that your lawn grows healthy and strong.  Keepers of the Green, LLC.  Our trained technicians utilize the most advanced techniques, highest quality products for the most optimal results.  New Port Richey lawns use fertilizers to feed your turf naturally to create strong, gorgeous grass without the hassle.

Fertilize and Transform your Lawn

With Florida temperatures consistently exceeding over 80 degrees year round, there is no way around the need to provide essential nutrients for your lawns.  They need sufficient nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to thrive in the subtropical climate.  Our New Port Richey and Trinity lawn care service takes the guesswork out of the management of your lawn and diligently delivers products are services that result in the greenest, healthiest lawn possible.  With proper fertilization we control weed infestation, resist insects, minimize disease and help your lawn recover from the ill affect of drought and heat stress.

Have a landscape You Want With Beautiful Trees & Shrubs

At Keepers of the Green, LLC.. we fully understand the time and energy required to maintain not just your lawn but your trees and shrubs.  Our services will take care of the entire lawn while you sit back and enjoy.  Caring for trees and shrubs consists of preventative care in bringing them nutrients they need for continued growth and development.  After all, trees and shrubs are so important to the environment and they deserve some TLC.  

Many of the communities in New Port Richey have deed restrictions and homeowner associations that require the upkeep of your lawns.  Trees and shrubs play an aesthetic role in increasing your homes property value

Dealing with Turf Disease

Some lawn problems are easier to identify and handle than others.  Florida lawns bring forth their own set of challenges such as eliminating weeks, hydration, eliminating weeds achieving optimal color.  One of the more prevelant chanllenges is turf disease. There is no one type of grass that is immune to disease.  Keepers of the Green, LLC and their team of highly qualified professionals have years f experience and are there to hel you understand the most effective method to reduce cost and time.

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