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Aphids (commonly known as plant lice) are among the most diverse types of parasitic insect species on earth. These small bugs attack landscapes around the planet. They are capable of quickly covering the plants throughout a yard because of their ability to jump from plant to plant. Keepers of the Green in Tampa are experts in preventing aphids from ever causing harm to your yard. If their presence is detected, we make sure we have one of our teams of professionals to your home within 48 hours.

Problems commonly caused by aphids

There is a variety of damage these bugs are able to cause to your plants. Groups of aphids are often found on the tender new growth of a plant, tree or shrub. Aphids can quickly damage the leaves of healthy plants and can be easily noticed by curling, or puckering leaves, as they quickly devastate the plant. When a plant’s leaves are covered with their white skins and yellowish secretions, you have a sure sign of aphid infestation on your hands.

Most aphid species are identified by the plant that they are found on, or their host. The most common plant hosts enjoyed by Florida aphids include crape myrtles, known as the crepe myrtle aphid, and the podocarpus aphid, found on the podocarpus plant. Podocarpus is an excellent hedge plant commonly used in Florida, because of its thick foliage, it provides a layer of privacy between many residential houses. Aphids, however, love the podocarpus, and are considered their most common problem. At Keepers of the Green, our lawn and landscape professionals know exactly how to rid your beautiful plants, ornamentals and hedges of aphids and any other bug or disease that is robbing it of its beauty. 

While aphids are less then 1/4 inch long, they can pack a mean punch to your otherwise healthy plants. The extent of harm they cause depends on the health of your plants, how mature they are and how regularly your use pesticide treatments. These parasitic insects are also often the hosts to viruses that infect your plants. Untreated diseases spread throughout your yard and might lead to thousands of dollars in costs to replace those plants. The range of problems aphids cause to Tampa Bay area homes include:

  • Yellowing of leaves
  • Stunted growth of plants
  • Wilting of leaves
  • Limb damage
  • Death of your plants
  • Spreading of viruses
  • Black sooty mold

Understanding aphids – what are they and why are they destroying my plants?

Like many other garden pests, aphids are very small. These little bugs are rarely more than an eighth of an inch long. The byproduct they secrete is called honeydew. This byproduct is also dangerous for plants because it attracts other pests and fosters the growth of molds. Aphids have multiple stages to their life cycle. We do as much as we can to prevent them from fully maturing because this is when adult females are able to grow wings and spread more throughout your yard. The more mature females spread, the more colonies you are going to have threatening your plants without the help of the Keepers of the Green.

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