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Lace Bugs Can be a Pesky Problem

Our lawn care professionals get rid of the lace bugs that kill shrubs and plants throughout Tampa Bay

Lace bugs (scientifically known as “tingidae”) are one of the lesser known species of garden predators. Their small size and relatively modest damage potential make them a threat that is often forgotten. However, their damage can make a big impact on the aesthetics of your yard. They ruin the appearance of your most prized plants you are growing. At Keepers of the Green in Odessa, we take on these pests and preserve the flawless curb appeal of your yard. Our lawn care and landscape professionals

Identifying whether you have lace bugs in your yard

Lace bugs can be challenging to identify. These tiny bugs are only about an eighth of an inch long. They have a lacy appearance because their wings and thorax are covered by a layer of clear cells. It is easiest to spot them by the traces they leave. The first sign you see of a lace bug infestation is by looking at the undersides of the leaves of your plants. You will notice a reddish-orange color left behind from them sucking the nutrients out of your plants.

Controlling lace bugs

These bugs thrive in hot, dry and sunny ecosystems like Tampa. There are a variety of techniques we use to control lace bugs. Controlling an infestation is strategic because lace bugs are predators host specific. This means that there are a variety of species of lace bugs and each only feeds on specific species of plants (depending on their species). Although they usually do not kill the plants they prey on, they cause significant cosmetic damage.

Uncontrolled lace bugs can wreck havoc

Lace bugs overwinter as adults. When they come out, they spawn off multiple other generations. If this cycle is allowed to continue, the problem multiplies exponentially. The more that the problem is ignored, the more they continue to prey on and destroy the appearance of your plants. Our trained professionals eradicate them at their onset to prevent them from causing significant destruction to the plants throughout your yard.

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Lace bugs are a treatable problem if you come to the Keepers of the Green in Tampa. We quickly treat the problem and preserve the beauty of your yard. Call us at 813-884-4255 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We provide detailed assessments to help you maximize the full potential of your yard.

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