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Whether you are in need of lawn care or pest care solutions, you can rely on the professionals of Keepers of the Green to deliver quality lawn care for your Oldsmar property.  We have provided award-winning service in the Greater Tampa Bay communities for over 25 years.  A perfectly manicured lawn is the desire of many homeowners; yet many are unable to create on their own.  Your Oldsmar lawn can be the envy of your community.

Keepers of the Green, LLC. is a lawn care company offering lawn maintenance, tree & shrub care, fertilization, weed and pest control services.  . Our trusted professionals service Trinity, New Port Richey, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, Oldsmar to name a few.  You can trust our courteous teams of dedicated professionals to cater to your lawn care needs.

Fertilization and Weed Promoting Curb Appeal

Many communities in Oldsmar have HOA that enforce strict requirement for lawn appearance.  Healthy, well-manicured lawns are not only achieved by regulating the weeds but with the diligence of thorough care and attention.   By utilizing our fertilization and weed care program you are taking the steps to give your lawn a head start and leg up on your neighbors.  By making sure that your lawn is well fed and hydrated, your lawn in turn will develop strong roots systems that can brave the Florida tropical climate.

Our mission is to create for our clients a thick, green, healthy turf while also controlling weeds and insects. Our trained technicians using top quality, eco friendly products on your Oldsmar lawn, accomplish these goals.  It is critical to monitor and consistently apply fertilizer to proactively treat lawn disease and insects in their various stages.  We use pre and post emergent applications to control most weeds for

Award Winning Pest Control

Are you searching for the best pest control service in Oldsmar?  If so, you have come to the right place.  In the greater Tampa Bay, there are countless pests posing a threat to your beautiful landscape.  Our expert lawn care professionals specialize in a variety of services, which include grub control, sod webworm, ticks and whiteflies.   Left unsupervised, they can quickly devastate grass, shrubs, plants, trees and leave you with unsightly grounds.

Year round beauty in Oldsmar

Count on Keepers of the Green, LLC. to give you the lawn of your dreams.  We have combined our stellar services with superior customer service so that you can have a stress free experience and sit back and enjoy the beauty of your manicured lawn.  Contact us today if you are interested in our free consultation at 813-245-3432 or www.keepersofthegreen.com.  Here at Keepers of the Green, we want your lawn to thrive.

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