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Controlling Fire Ants in Your Florida Lawn  

Trusted Tampa lawn care experts eradicate these bothersome pests

Fire ants are common to Florida yards. But they are a nuisance. Step in a mound, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a world of pain. Avoiding such misfortune requires more than just watching where you’re walking. Fire ants spread quickly, and their mounds aren’t always as noticeable as you might think.

Over-the-counter fire ant remedies just aren’t effective, and any steps you take to deal with the problem yourself could result in you actually spreading the ants around the yard. You need to work with the trusted Tampa lawn care experts at Keepers of the Green to create a lawn that’s free of fire ants. We’ll help you create the calm, beautiful oasis that you want for your landscape.

The problem fire ants pose for homeowners

Fire ants are malicious, and they’re territorial. As soon as you step onto a mound – or even if you come near one – they sound the alarm and most of the colony comes out to attack. Their bites can be extremely painful, leaving you with intense aching and itching for up to 10 days after you’re attacked. If you’re allergic, their bites can prove to be fatal – and you may not know that you are allergic until an attack.

Besides the harm that fire ants can cause to you and your family, they can also harm your property. They can damage electrical wiring, causing short circuiting that can damage your electronics or that can even spark a fire. They can also damage your plants and your garden. The professionals at Keepers of the Green have proven methods to eradicate a fire ant colony quickly to protect your property and your family. Fire ants can spread quickly, so we act quickly to minimize the problem.

Removing fire ants from your Florida lawn

There are many over-the-counter products that promise to get rid of fire ants around your home. However, these products deliver big promises, making you feel a false sense of confidence, all while allowing your fire ant problem to continue. The products may not fully penetrate the colony, or they may not be strong enough to get rid of the ants. Meanwhile, the ants will reproduce quickly and spread throughout your property again. You’ll waste a lot of time and a lot of money trying to fix the problem.

Keepers of the Green can solve your fire ant problem fast, the first time. Our professionals quickly identify the type of fire ant you have and the conditions of your soil and other lawn characteristics to determine the most effective solution for your fire ants. We’ll develop a treatment plan that will get rid of any fire ants you have, as well as protect your lawn from future infestations.

Call Keepers of the Green, our experienced lawn care professionals get of fire ants fast

Fire ants can wreak havoc on your yard and cause pain and distress for your family and your guests. As soon as you notice the presence of fire ants, call the Tampa lawn care specialists at Keepers of the Green. We’ll be there within 48 hours to assess the situation and implement the solutions you need. Call our office at 813-884-4255 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We’re ready to help take back your yard from the fire ants and other pests that threaten it.

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