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Grey Leaf Spot

Florida’s St. Augustine grass is susceptible to this disease

Grey lead spot will rear it’s ugly head most often from late spring to early fall, especially after prolonged rainfall. Which, in the Tampa Bay area, rainfall is a daily occurrence from summer through early fall, making the perfect conditions for grey leaf spot. Summertime in Florida is prime time for grey lead spot. At Keepers of the Green, our experts have made having a great yard look simple for Tampa home owners for more than 25 years.

How to recognize grey leaf spot on your lawn

The first signs of grey leaf spot in your lawn will be small olive green or brown pinhead-sized spots on the blades of glass. Gradually the disease will spread to become highly viable and problematic. When it’s super humid, the fungus will produce spores in the middle of the spots. Eventually, grey leaf spot will give your lawn the appearance of being dry and dead. Many times, during rainy season, the grass will be covered in mold. Although this common lawn disease will not generally kill an entire lawn, it is unsightly and in heavy areas, will give the lawn the appearance of being burned and dry.

It is best to call Keepers of the Green when you see grey leaf spot or other lawn diseases, to prevent the disease from getting worse, and spreading to healthy parts of your lawn or even down the entire block! The fungus is easily spread by wind, rain, irrigation run off and even dogs and cats.


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