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Turf Disease Causing Real Damage to Your Lawn Can be Prevented With Skilled Lawn Care Professionals

Living in Florida comes with its benefits and its unique landscaping challenges. There are over 100 diseases that affect Florida turf grasses. Most of the diseases are caused by fungus and there are several factors that affect the development of the disease such as weather, lawn health, grass type and maintenance.

Keepers of the Green, Inc. and our team of professionals bring forth more than 25 years of experience and knowledge and will help keep your property looking its best, all year round. A beautiful lawn is the goal of any homeowner. For many people, you may not have the time to properly care and give it the attention it needs. We do, and know that by taking care of your lawn regularly, you can protect your investment and minimize that many issues that threaten your lawn.

Seeing Brown?

Brown Patch lawn disease is a very common lawn disease in the Florida climate. Regions with hot temperatures and with high humidity are the perfect breeding ground. The disease, caused by the Rhizoctonia solania fungus will affect a variety of grass species and will create irregular circular areas up to several feet in diameter with a brownish grey appearance are called Brown Patch.

Our trained professionals have just the right experience to identify the disease your lawn is suffering from.  If you see spotting on the blades of leaves or causing circular areas of dead grass – the culprit can be brown patch fungus.  The spots are more prevalent in temperatures over 80 degrees and spread as the humidity and temperature rise. You should contact our professionals right away if you suspect brown patch. The damage spreads very quickly and treatment can be applied on a preventative or curative basis. Keepers of the Green will additionally educate you on some basic tips at bay. Other helpful tips include:

  • Water in the midday to prevent wet grass at night.
  • Proper mowing to promote air movement and drying of the blades of grass.
  • Fertilize with moderate amounts of nitrogenous fertilizer

Believe in Fairy tales?

Fairy rings have shown up in myths and have been mentioned in English literature in the 13th century. The fascinating fungus was believed to be the place for pixies and fairies to dance. In Germany, it is believed that witches dance in the rings and in Austria the rings are attributed to fiery tales of flying dragons.

Here in Florida Fairy Rings appear in the same place, year after year, increasing in size with each returning season. The fungus depletes nitrogen in the soil and grows at a rapid rate. The source appears to be somewhat of a mystery. No one know for sure how this lawn disease becomes established or what conditions allow it to thrive. Fairy Rings are more prevalent on soil that is sandy, poorly fertilized, nutrient deficient.

Whatever the origin, they are very difficult to eradicate. Keepers of the Green, Inc. will stay on top of the disease and can remove the infected area and re-sod or re-seed. Many opt to see it as a sign of good luck and fortune. We keep your lawn healthy and well maintained, which is the best defense for any of the common fungus infestations.

Gray Leaf Spot

Another common disease to the Florida area is Gray Leaf Spot, Pyricular Grisea. This disease will appear as spots on leaves that are round oval, tan in color with a dark brown borer. The leaf spots will turn gray with the leaves are wet or humidity is high, often leaving them with a fuzzy appearance. Over time, the fungus will cause the leaves to die back from the tip area. The prevention and treatment are critical. Keepers of the Green, Inc. is savvy in the treatment with the application of fungicide application which can stop the epidemic destruction to your lawn.

Red Thread Disease

In the tropics of Florida, Red Thread disease is another common fungus that can cause devastating effects on your lawn. Red thread, Laetisaria Fuciformis, typically thrives in locations with soil low in nitrogen. It is also common in areas that experience more than 10 hours a days of wetness for several consecutive days.

Red Thread fungus appear in circular or irregular patches between 4 inches and 2 feet in diameter. The affected leaves present with patches that are usually tan or bleached white in color but from a distance appear to have a reddish tint due to the red strands of fungal growth.  In most cases, treatment is not required but Keepers of the Green, Inc. will provide monitoring and recommendations when required.

Pythium Blight

Another warm climate fungus that affects lawn in Florida is Pythium Blight, Pythium Aphanidermatum.  Most common in hot, humid weather and areas with wet turf and poor drainage patterns. This disease causes greasy, brown circular spots that span about ¾ to 2 inches in diameter and spread rapidly. This disease presents with patches that are orange and dark gray in color and are matted.

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We support our lawn care clients with superior customer service and unmatched expertise. At Keepers of the Green, Inc. we attribute our success largely to our happy customers who continue to refer other customers. Please see our testimonials page for more information. Contact us today for an estimate at 813-245-3432 or contact us online for a free, friendly lawn analysis and estimate. We keep your lawn green and beautiful all year long.


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