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An elegant landscape requires a blend of trees and shrubs to compliment the flowers and ornamentals that surround them. Keeping trees and shrubs thriving around these plants is more complicated than just spraying the same chemicals on all of them. At Keepers of the Green in Tampa, we make a specific treatment plan for your yard that accounts for the complex interactions between all of the plants in your yard.

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The efficacy of our proven approach to shrub care can be seen all throughout the bay area. We balance a blend of shrub treatments that protects the shrubs but does not damage the more sensitive flowers and ornamentals that surround it. Our constant monitoring program reassesses how your shrubs are thriving with the nearby landscape and we adjust your treatment blend accordingly. Your custom blend of preventative and curative applications is adjusted as the seasons change and as specific threats arise.

Threats to trees and shrubs in Florida

Do not wait to call us before it is too late for your trees and shrubs. It is always much less expensive for homeowners to have a regular preventative plan than it is to fix a problem and have to replace costly plants. Our preventative methods have been proven to be highly effective for more than 25 years. If a problem should arise, we will have a team of experts to your home within 24-48 hours of your call. The most common specific threats to trees and shrubs that we eliminate for our clients include:


White fly




Black sooty mold

Lace bugs

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